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Brian Mercer's

Author Magazine Interview

Brian Mercer's Interview

on Time Monk Radio

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Brian chats with spirit communicator, Jamie Butler, author of With Love and Light: True Story About an Uncommon Gift.

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Join Brian and Dr. Elisa Medhus, author of My Son and the Afterlife, in their discussion about the possibilities of life after death. Included in the discussion are Erik Medhus and spirit communicator Jamie Butler.

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Brian speaks with Annika Glac, writer, producer, and director of Belladonna, a feature film about reincarnation and past-life regression.

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Brian and novelist Danielle Trussoni discuss her book, Angelology.

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Jessica Maxwell and Brian talk about the Law of Attraction and her book, Roll Around Heaven: an All-true Accidental Spiritual Adventure.

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Animal communicator, Joan Ranquet, and Brian discuss her book, Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator.

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Brian and New York Times best-selling thriller writer, M.J. Rose, discuss her book, the Memorist, the second in a trilogy about reincarnation and remembering past lives.

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Brian and thriller author Daniel Palmer talk about his techno-thriller, Delirious.

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John Horner Jacobs chats with Brian about his southern gothic horror novel, Southern Gods.

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Brian speaks with New York literary agent, Rita Rosenkranz.

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Brian and social media guru, Kirsten Lamb, discuss her book, We Are Not Alone.

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