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Learning Astral Projection with the BrainWave Generator

Brian Mercer


One of my first experiences listening to the BrainWave Generator resulted in a wake-induced lucid dream. Just before going to sleep, I stretched out on the carpet near my computer, put on stereo headphones and pressed the play button on the BrainWave Generator software.

In less than a minute I felt stimulation of my energy body. There was a brief sinking sensation, then a distinct tingling vibration. The strangest part was that I could feel the stimulation beyond the limits of my physical body. There was kind of a wavering flutter in the air above my heart, solar plexus and navel centers. I listened quietly for about twenty minutes, as new vibrations began to manifest at the base of my legs. Eventually, however, the tingling sensation faded and, growing tired, I went to bed.

Shortly after closing my eyes I found myself in the dream environment, perfectly lucid and alert. I was standing in my parents' house in the daytime. Everything was perfectly real, vivid and tangible. It was as if I had suddenly transported there in physical reality. In the dream the furniture was arranged the way it had been when I was in grammar school. It was the strangest thing, to walk around in the past as if it were the present. I knew I was dreaming, yet I found everything indistinguishable from waking reality.

I tried several experiments. In one of them I tried to fly, thinking that if this was truly a lucid dream that I would be able to soar up off the ground. I jumped up enthusiastically a few feet, then fell back to the ground again. I tried to will my environment to change, but nothing happened. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see my reflection, but I could only see a hazy blur where my body should have been.

I awoke shortly thereafter and immediately looked at the clock. I had been asleep less than ten minutes, too short a time for REM sleep to have set in.

The preset I listened to that night formed the basis for the lucid dreaming presets I created for Mastering Astral Projection.


What Is The BrainWave Generator?

The BrainWave Generator is a Windows-based computer program that generates stereo sound capable of inducing an altered state of consciousness, including the altered states of consciousness ideal for learning how to have an out-of-body experience.

Unlike recorded sound, the BrainWave Generator produces sound programmatically through the sound card on your personal computer. The controls for each sound program are pre-set to play for a certain amount of time at given frequencies; often there are different "voices" and layers of sound, sometimes modulated to create a rich, overall experience. Each program's pre-set sound controls are referred to as a "preset".

Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-body Experience includes a CD-ROM that comes with a special version of the BrainWave Generator. This version has 25 different default presets, each one custom designed for learning to have an out-of-body experience. (You can also download this special version of the BrainWave Generator from my web site here.)


The Technology Behind the BrainWave Generator

Brainwaves are attributed to electrical activity in the brain, which can be measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) when electrodes are placed on the scalp. The dominant brainwave frequency is said to be the current state of brain activity or one's state of consciousness.

States of consciousness have been classified into various categories:


Frequency Range

State of Consciousness


14Hz - 30Hz

Awake, alert


8Hz - 14Hz

Relaxed meditative state


4Hz - 8Hz

Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)


0.5Hz - 4Hz

Deep Sleep

When an external stimulus is applied to the brain, in this case sound, the brain wave pattern has a tendency to match that stimulus. Ideally, we could play sounds pitched at the above listed frequencies and our brains would follow those frequencies into the corresponding altered state. However, our ears are not equipped to hear such low frequencies.

This problem is solved with a technique called binaural beats. This is how it works:

Let's say we wanted to get into a meditative state. That frequency is about 8 Hz.

Think about a musical note, for example, "middle C" on the piano. It resonates at approximately 262 Hz.

In order to trick the brain into perceiving 8 Hz, the BrainWave Generator plays a note in one ear (in our example "middle C" or 262 Hz) and then another slightly higher note in our other ear (in our example it might be 270 Hz). When one note is played in one ear and the second note in our other ear, our brain mixes the tones so they sound like one note. The difference between these two notes is said to be the binaural beat. In our example, 270 Hz minus 262 Hz equals 8 Hz, the state of mind for meditation.

Each preset in the BrainWave Generator has at least one "voice". A voice consists of what you can physically hear (for example, "middle C") and the binaural beat or the difference between the notes played in the right and left ear (for example, 8 Hz). A preset can have many voices, with audible notes played in harmony (or disharmony, as desired). This also means that a preset can have many different binaural beats (or all the same binaural beat, depending on the effect you are trying to create).

Most of the OBE exit training presets in Mastering Astral Projection have a lot of 4 Hz binaural beats in them. That frequency corresponds to the borderline between sleeping and drowsiness. This is the ideal state of mind for would-be projectors, the mind awake/body asleep state.

It is my experience that it helps to have many voices set to a binaural beat of 4 Hz, while leaving one or two at a higher (more alert) frequency, say 10 or 14 Hz. The resulting conflict of frequencies seems to have an interesting stimulation effect on the energy body, keeping one simultaneously sleepy but alert (i.e. body asleep/mind awake state).


Presets Included with the MAP Version

I had the idea of integrating the 90-day OBE program with the BrainWave Generator when I was writing the first draft of Mastering Astral Projection's chapter content. I had already experienced first-hand the very tangible effects on the energy body while listening to many of the BrainWave Generator presets. What if the sound programs could be matched with Robert's powerful New Energy Ways (NEW) techniques? The combination would be a powerful aid in learning the mental states necessary for projection.

Because the BrainWave Generator produces sound programmatically, it was possible to include hours and hours of material on a single CD-ROM. Because the program was shareware, it could be distributed freely with default custom-made presets. That just left designing the presets themselves and retooling the 90-day program so that Robert's NEW exercises worked with them.

I'd studied music theory for several years, which was extremely helpful in developing the BrainWave Generator presets. Using myself as a test subject, and harnessing the expertise of the BrainWave Generator user community, I studied the existing presets designed specifically for lucid dream and OBE, as well as those that I and others found effective in bringing on the pre-OBE vibrations. I quickly identified patterns that successfully stimulated the energy body. I used those characteristics to design the presets in the Mastering Astral Projection version of the BrainWave Generator.

There are three types of default presets in the Mastering Astral Projection version of the BrainWave Generator: programs for meditation and energy work, programs for lucid dreaming, and programs for conscious exit astral projection.


Meditation and Energy Work Presets:

Week 1 Relaxation

Week 2 Relaxation (Deep)

Week 3 Meditation (15-Second Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (30-Second Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (45-Second Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (60-Second Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (90-Second Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (3-Minute Pulse)

Week 3 Meditation (No Pulse)

Week 4 Meditation (Primary Center)

Week 5 Trance Meditation

Week 6 Energy Body Loosening


Lucid Dreaming Presets:

Week 3 Lucid Dreaming

Week 4 Lucid Dreaming

Week 5 Lucid Dreaming

Week 6 Lucid Dreaming


OBE Training Presets:

Week 7 OBE Exit Training

Week 8 OBE Exit Training

Week 9 OBE Exit Training

Week 10 OBE Exit Training

Week 11 OBE Exit Training

Week 11 OBE Exit Training (Long Meditation)

Week 12 OBE Exit Training

Week 13 OBE Exit Training

Week 13 OBE Exit Training (Astral Transference)

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