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BrainWave Generator for Windows:


The BrainWave Generator is a shareware program that uses stereo sound to guide listeners into an alternate state of consciousness. The program works using bi-aurual beats (different frequencies played in each ear) to induce alpha, delta, and theta states of consciousness (brainwave frequencies consistent with meditation, relaxation, and various sleep and sleep-like states).

It's important to note that just listening to the sounds isn't enough to cause you to relax or meditate or have an out-of-body experience. The sound programs are only effective when used with the techniques found in the Mastering Astral Projection 90-day program. Please don't make the mistake I did when I created the Mastering Astral Projection presets for the BrainWave Generator. These programs are the most effective the first few times you use them. Don't "waste" listening to them unless you have gone through all the preparation needed for having an out-of-body experience.

For more information on the BrainWave Generator and how the sounds work to guide you into an altered state of consciousness, see Mastering Astral Projection Appendix B, "The BrainWave Generator Installation Guide and Tips."

Listening to these sounds can make you drowsy. Be sure never to listen to the sound files while driving or in any other situation where it would be dangerous to be in an altered state of consciousness.

Special Note: The BrainWave Generator is always free and never needs to be registered. All the presets necessary to complete the Mastering Astral Projection program are included with this version of the software.

The program was written as shareware. Thirty days after install, it will prompt users to register the software when the program is launched. If you see this message, simply cancel it and continue to use the software normally. The program remains fully fuctional without registration.

The original programmer of the software no longer maintains it. Registration is impossible.

The only functionality that is disabled with this version of the BrainWave Generator is the ability to import presets created by other users. Since all the presets required to complete Mastering Astral Projection are included in this version of the software, you will never need to do this.

You also have the option of downloading the MP3 versions of the Mastering Astral Projection presets. This means you can listen to the sounds without installing BrainWave Generator at all. To do this, see BrainWave Generator for the Mac below.


BrainWave Generator for the Mac:

The BrainWave Generator only works for Windows. If you have a Mac and are interested in using the sound presets that accompany the Mastering Astral Projection, please click here.

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